10 Blogs I Follow

I found several nonprofit blogs that would be worth following, but the ten I chose for my list are among the most followed nonprofit blogs. In addition, many of the blogs I chose provide a lot of useful information and tactics that I will be able to use in my future career.

The first blog I chose is the Case Foundation I chose this blog because it not only posts, but reposts several blogs directing nonprofits on how to make the most of their social media usage. The blog provides tips on basic social media usage as well as advanced social media usage for nonprofit organizations.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy blog offers several blogs that comment on various aspects of nonprofits including philanthropy today, innovation, leading for social good, fundraising strategies, and overall tips for nonprofits to be successful. This particular blog site provides a wealth of general information that might be useful for topic ideas for my own blog as well as provide good background information on several topics.

The Nonprofit Blog Exchange  is an important blog site because it allows me to see what other people are talking about. By seeing what others are talking about, it allows me to become part of the nonprofit blogging community by not only sharing my thoughts on the issues posted, but also by creating my own blogs to fuel further conversation within this specific blogging community.

The Nonprofit Booster Blog offers suggestions on how nonprofits should run their social media platforms and how to effectively communicate with their audience. For my blog, I can use some of this as background information. In addition, I can research to see if actual nonprofit organizations have used these tips, and how successful  the organization has been using these tips.

The Nonprofit Times blog focuses on successful management of nonprofit organizations. This blog uses primary research as well as case studies of successful and unsuccessful nonprofit organizations to argue it’s main points. For the most part, many blogs appear to be news style type reporting of research.

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog  is unique in that it’s written for smaller nonprofits who are trying to do everything with little manpower. Many local nonprofits have only one person in their communications department; this blog focuses primarily on how one person can be successful when marketing their nonprofit organization.

The Nonprofit Tech for Good is a social and mobile media blog for nonprofits.  It provides updates about social media platforms and how nonprofits can adapt to new changes. It provides information on everything from mobile media and LinkedIn to Google and Facebook, and how nonprofits can use these platforms to bring success to their organization.

The Getting Attention nonprofit blog focuses on using innovative ways to use common methods such as video and the internet to attract attention and interest to a certain nonprofit organization. The blog presents research and case studies that I could use as reference points in my own blog and research.

Future Fundraising is a blog that focuses more on donors rather than nonprofit managers. This is interesting because it allows a new perspective to those trying make their nonprofit successful. This blog showcases articles that studies donors and how to build quality relationships with them.

Beth’s Blog is a very popular nonprofit blog that discusses how networked nonprofits can use social networks and data for social change rather than just awareness. Many nonprofits use social media platforms primarily for awareness, but the overall goal of a nonprofit is to evoke some sort of change.


One thought on “10 Blogs I Follow

  1. Excellent synopses. It’s clear how these will assist you. One VERY minor editing quibble: You leave out a period after the Case Foundation link, which is very easy to do when linking because only that period falls outside the link code. Just a fine detail to catch.

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