Current Nonprofit Issues

There are a few hot-button issues concerning nonprofit organizations.  Many of the blogs I follow are currently talking about financial issues related to nonprofit organizations and how to avoid them. The blogs address that financial stress is a given for many nonprofit organization. However, I think the best tip that I keep finding throughout financial based blogs is the one that reminds organizations to invest in itself. Many nonprofits primarily rely on grant money for operation. However, grant money cannot be used for general operations. The other money given to the organization goes straight into services the nonprofit offers. The organization needs to take some of that money and invest in itself for improvement purposes. By investing in their own organization and mission, it only allows the organization to improve and allow more services and help to their cause.

The issue of self-promotion on social media is also very popular right now. With social media constantly changing, many nonprofit organizations are forced to constantly innovate and tweak their current social media strategies. So many blogs are focused on how social media platforms are changing and how nonprofits can adapt and still produce high quality content. For example, Beth Kanter goes into detail in her Blog, “Can Memes for Good Work for your Nonprofit’s Content Strategy? Not on Facebook” goes into great detail about how Facebook is changing its News Feed Algorithm and how it can change what Nonprofit organizations should produce and post.

Another nonprofit marketing blog I follow made another good point on the topic of self-promotion. The blog reminds us that the goal should not be constant self-promotion. The author says to “stop writing about your organization.” This quote could not be more accurate. When you only talk about your organization, content can become recycled and redundant. If your content becomes repetitive, viewers are less likely to be engaged in what you’re saying, and may actually visit your page less often because no new material is being offered. I think incorporating more information that pertains to the Nonprofit’s mission would be refreshing for viewers. Of course donors and supporters want to know what the nonprofit is up to, but they’re also concerned with issues that pertain to the nonprofit. For example, while people are interested in the local American Cancer Society chapter and what they’re doing, people interested in that organization are also interested in cancer.

Doing research and posting articles on new potential cures, new concerns, and other helpful information would greatly benefit the organization’s social media platform because it’s something people are looking for. Not only does it create a variety of content, it also increases the quality of the content and builds credibility especially if the research is done internally.

In almost every case, each blog I follows spends a significant amount of time talking about ever-changing social media and technology and describing ways nonprofits can keep up. I think this is the most important current issue because social media platforms have become so popular in our culture today. Making social media effective is especially important for nonprofits because it’s free, and it can help them get ahead if utilized and executed properly.


One thought on “Current Nonprofit Issues

  1. Good links in general, but your post is a bit broad for the assignment. Rather than talking about “current issues” (which is the OVERALL focus of your blog), I’d rather see an integrated post on a single issue. You need to identify the conversation and report on it, building in your own perspective along the way. When addressing perspectives, you might also try to be a little more transparent with their origins – you do this with Beth Kanter, for example (although “Beth Kanter” would probably be sufficient, rather than including the entire post title as well – remember, brevity is a good thing). This advice is intended to work for you: With a more thinly sliced focus, you could have gotten three separate posts out of this!

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