Nonprofits of Morgantown, WV


City of Morgantown from the West side of the Monongahela River. Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia.

As I was working on a post last week, I became guilty as I realized I am not fully aware of all of the local nonprofits in Morgantown. As a journalist, I’m supposed to know the ins and outs of the community. While I am pretty educated on most local news and Morgantown businesses, I did some research and realized I don’t know as much about the local nonprofits as I thought I did.

Using my own conviction, I realized many Morgantown residents probably don’t know their local nonprofits either. This is a problem for a few reasons. First, many people would be willing to give to a charitable organization they can identify with, but many residents may not know of the nonprofits in their area. Secondly, many people who need nonprofit services such grief counseling or food may not know certain nonprofits exist and are willing to help them out. Finally, if residents are unaware of nonprofit organizations, they may never decide to volunteer. Many passionate volunteers want to help somewhere that has a mission they can relate to. If someone lost their mother to cancer, they may be passionate about volunteering for the American Cancer Society. Someone who lost a loved one may be interested in volunteering at a grief counseling center, but people can’t volunteer if they have no idea an organization exists.

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Stepping Stones offers various programs throughout the year such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. This photo is from the Stepping Stones Basketball Program. Photo Courtesy of Stepping Stones

There are over 450 nonprofit organizations in Morgantown, WV alone. While several of these are churches, many offer specific services that residents in need should look into. For example, Christian Help offers several services such as a food pantry, school supplies, and even financial assistance for those who qualify.  The WV Family Grief Center offers grief counseling to children between ages 3 and 18 and their families at no cost. Stepping Stones is a nonprofit recreational center for people with disabilities. They offer several programs such as soccer and basketball for disabled children. These are just three of the 456 nonprofits here in Morgantown.

I will begin doing  in-depth posts about one of the local nonprofits in Morgantown. I will examine what they do well, how they use social media, and how they create awareness about their organization and their mission. It’s important for us to know our nonprofit community so we can connect with one another, volunteer, and seek help when we need it. Nonprofits can be the glue of the community if we utilize them effectively. Nonprofits only make a difference when the community is involved.


One thought on “Nonprofits of Morgantown, WV

  1. Keep this subject in mind during our mapping assignment this week. With your blog’s focus on the local, you’ll have multiple good opportunities to incorporate maps (they’re easy, I promise).

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