Are Special Events Worth It?

On Friday, I talked about the Morgantown Magical Night of Giving held at the Morgantown Mall. This is an example of a special fundraising event. But, are special events a good idea when it comes to fundraising for nonprofit organizations?

Many people, other than those who work in fundraising, fail to realize that big fundraiser events are not primarily where an organization’s money comes from. Many nonprofit organizations rely on fundraising very little compared to how much they rely on annual giving by faithful donors for operational costs.

Many large, well-known nonprofit organizations do really well with special events, but for smaller, local nonprofits, special events can sometimes be a struggle. So if these fundraising events don’t help the organization significantly overall why do organizations continue to host them?

  • Fundraising events in the community really help connect the members of the community with Nonprofit organizations, the mission of those organizations, and often the people the organizations help.
  • Special events can also be used to generate funds for one specific project your organization is undertaking. Many organizations need all the operational funds they receive from donors. Special events are a great way to add something more or specific to your organization. However, to get a good fundraising event, you must have the funds to invest in the event to make the event good.

Why should we as a community participate?

The community should participate in special events that they’re passionate about. You don’t need to participate in every special event fundraiser, but you should make it a point to participate in those that interest you. Participating in special events helps those in need know that the community wants to help them and considers them part of the community. It also helps our local nonprofit organizations provide more specialized services to those in need. Morgantown has a variety of special event fundraiser opportunities for community members to participate in. Each event is diverse and helps target every demographic of the population. Some annual special event fundraisers include the Morgantown Mall Magical Night of Giving, the Betty Puskar Breast Cancer Fashion Show, and the Ronald McDonald Murder Mystery Dinner. Several other special event fundraisers are held throughout the year and are locally advertised.

Remember, nonprofit organizations aren’t just trying to get your money. They turn your money into a service that meets a community need. Fundraising is more than giving money. Donating is giving back to the community. With that in mind, individuals aren’t the only ones who can give of their time, money, and effort. Many businesses often fail to realize they can donate effectively as a business. It’s something worth considering.


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