3 Reasons Your Small Business Should Give Back

Many people think of volunteering as an individual act, but many businesses can make a difference in the nonprofit world as well. The majority of businesses in the United States are small businesses; these businesses employ over 50 percent of the nation’s workers. Smaller businesses may not be able to donate large sums of money, but they can make a substantial impact over time.

So why should your small business give back to the community?

Good Publicity. In the world of social media that we currently live, a story on a small company or business giving back and making a difference can go viral. Even if it doesn’t go viral, it will be seen and shed a positive light on the organization. Aside from the company’s website and social media platforms, many news organizations will find the story news worthy and run it on the local news, in the paper, or on their website and own social media platforms. This exposure will only enhance your company’s reputation.

Building Relationships. Volunteering can be key to building relationships that may benefit you later on. Whether it’s continuing to partner with a nonprofit for frequent exposure and publicity, or meeting someone at the organization who will bring your small business more business, every interaction can be important.

Giving Back Provides Your Company with More Experience. Even if you just donate time or a service that your company performs every day, volunteering provides your business with a new experience that will help later on. The opportunity to work with new people and organizations can teach you new skills and expand your knowledge in some way that your company could find useful later on. Additionally, this can influence and develops your employees’ skills.

Your business may not lose anything but not volunteering, but the business and your employees can gain a lot by taking the extra step to volunteer. Experts say volunteering increases employees’ skills by four percent, and boosts morality. Additionally, companies that engaged in corporate social responsibility show a 10 year return on equity that was ten percent higher than their competitors.


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